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Peach 316475 (316475)

Peach 316475 (316475)
Peach Druckkopf schwarz Canon PG-540, Tinte

Peach is a leading Swiss brand and supplier of 100%-compatible replacement ink cartridges. Leading-edge technology ensures optimal quality for outstanding results. Colour durability and fade-resistance satisfy the most stringent requirements to guarantee brilliant printouts. To ensure Premium Quality, we manufacture our inks at our own development centre in Switzerland, after which they are injected into the cartridges at our European production site. The latest advances in research and technology flow into our manufacturing and production methods. A quality level that the Asian manufacturers fail to equal, available at very attractive prices. A genuine alternative to expensive OEM products and low-budget inks.

EAN Nummer: 7640155894302
Druckfarben: Schwarz
Anzahl: 1
Fassungsvermögen: 13 ml
Druckleistung: 405 pages
Ersatz für: PG-540
Kompatible Produkte: Canon Pixma MG 2100 Series\nCanon Pixma MG 2140\nCanon Pixma MG 2150\nCanon Pixma MG 2200 Series\nCanon Pixma MG 2250\nCanon Pixma MG 3100 Series\nCanon Pixma MG 3140\nCanon Pixma MG 3150\nCanon Pixma MG 3200 Series\nCanon Pixma MG 3250\nCanon Pixma MG 3255\nCanon Pixma MG 3500 Series\nCanon Pixma MG 3550\nCanon Pixma MG 4140\nCanon Pixma MG 4150\nCanon Pixma MG 4200 Series\nCanon Pixma MG 4250\nCanon Pixma MX 370\nCanon Pixma MX 370 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 375\nCanon Pixma MX 390 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 395\nCanon Pixma MX 430 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 435\nCanon Pixma MX 450 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 455\nCanon Pixma MX 470 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 475\nCanon Pixma MX 510 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 515\nCanon Pixma MX 520 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 525\nCanon Pixma MX 530 Series\nCanon Pixma MX 535
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